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Hello Barbs!

It’s the owner and technician of the BarbieShop, Sharccara but my clients know me as "Barbie Vixx." I am originally from Gulfport, Mississippi and recently relocated to the ATL to expand my business and conquer a new city with my wife, kids and two miniature schnauzers.
I started my lash business in 2019 after working for 18 years in the accounting industry. I always enjoyed helping women while making them feel empowered and beautiful. When I needed more excitement in my life, lashing is where I found thrill and uniqueness. Lashing allows me to express my creativity and ignite more self-love within my clients, helping them showcase who they are. My business is unique because while offering a personalized experience for my barbs, I also tailor my sets to allow new lash lovers or experienced barbs to figure out what works best for their look and best showcases their beauty. My ultimate goal is to make my clients feel strong, empowered, bold, & beautiful!

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